End of the Health Alert: What Does It Mean?

The obligation to offer telecommuting to individuals at high risk of severe infection, those caring for minors, the elderly, or persons with disabilities, comes to an end. The requirement to contract or renew COVID insurance for employees in on-site work mode ceases. The application of the health safety protocol ends, although, in line with the employer’s duty of care, we recommend maintaining necessary preventive measures.

Regarding Telecommuting Regulations in the Labor Code


Employees with personal care responsibilities for at least one preschool-age child. Employees with personal care responsibilities for at least one child under twelve years in the event of a health alert and school closures. Employees responsible for persons with disabilities. Pregnant employees. If the telecommuting arrangement was agreed upon after the start of the employment relationship, the employer can unilaterally request a return to the conditions agreed upon before telecommuting, provided written notice is given to the employee with at least 30 days’ advance notice.

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